Soul Fitness is here for the people who put in work and want to have some fun in the process…

Bottom line- Let’s TURN UP, GET LOOSE, have some F#C%!N’ FUN, and sweat in unification.



This style of workout alternates between an intense burst of activity and movement followed by a series of short rested intervals, which leads to the body burning more calories. We also incorporate a TABATA style workout with the HIIT, which consists of 4 minutes of straight movement (20 seconds of nonstop work, followed by 10 seconds of rest) to really tap into your anaerobic energy systems. When combining these two style of workouts, you will improve performance, endurance, and your overall physical goals.


As an ONNIT Certified Kettlebell Specialist, this workout brings something new and innovative to the city of San Antonio. In this class you will be strictly utilizing kettlebells to create a strict and proper style format with your squats, snatches, swings, and presses. Kettlebell Training maximizes cardiovascular performance and strength building simultaneously. The benefit of Kettlebell Training, is that it will establish stronger core through stabilization and a posterior chain engagement ( GLUTES, HAMMIES, & LUMBAR SPINE) recruiting the entire body. Through this animal spirit style of training, you will use all of your muscles to maximize your overall STRENGTH and CONDITIONING.



Bros doing yoga…but not without the ladies, of course!

This non-traditional YOGA class is perfect for athletes, weightlifters, runners and anyone interested in loosening up tight muscles, sculpting the body and strengthening the mind. We use dynamic yet effective stretches combining core strength, muscle toning, flexibility and sweat for a rewarding workout. If you can’t touch your toes, f%@* it, come anyway!Together we will allow our bodies to flow all while jamming out to some great tunes of hip hop, reggae, reggaeton, soft rock, and SOULful jams.  Complimentary Lululemon mats and bottled water available.  



WE ARE NOT PLAYING!!!!! Once that bell rings, It’s time to go HARD!

Does the Daily Grind have you wanting to Scream? Is stress preventing you from being free? Are you ready and pumped to let off some steam?  Well, this is the perfect class for you.

Here you will learn the basic fundamentals of boxing: JABS, CROSS, HOOKS, UPPERCUTS and, of course, how to block and stay ready. We will combine all of that with a series of rib shattering roundhouse kicks, and side kicks of every martial art form. Topping this off with a little strength building, utilizing the kettlebell, TRX, and battle ropes to keep that CORAZÓN racing! Let’s get ready to rumble.



We, here at Soul Fit want to challenge your skills one on one, by pushing you to that next level of endurance and helping you break down physical and mental barriers. Our highly skilled trainers utilize the latest and most effective tools to help facilitate your ULTIMATE GOAL. Taking workouts to the next level, by adding KETTLEBELL TRAINING, TRX, BATTLE ROPES, PLYOMETRIC TRAINING, SANDBAGS, SLEDS, PUNCHING BAGS, PLYO BOXES, and MEDICINE BALLS our team is here to create a unique and customized program just for you. Creating a dynamic workout that will enhance your results, we are here to PUSH you to be more comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE.


This 1 hour sesh will consist of a SMALL GROUP between 3 to 6 SOULdiers.

Grab a group of friends, family members, gals or gents and share the cost, the sweat and ultimate workout experience together. These small groups are great for people that want to workout in a small group setting, but still love the feeling of the ONE on ONE touch with a personal trainer.