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When we do something from our SOUL, it is organic and effortless; it is the unique purpose within us.

This is what SOUL Fitness embodies. At SOUL Fitness, our goal is to INSPIRE our clients to push past their physical and mental limitations to discover the absolute best version of themselves.

Soul Fitness is not a gym; it is a family. Our purpose is to MOTIVATE the SOUL FIT family to instill within themselves the power and confidence one needs to get through a rigorous workout. We want to create a community of people, aka SOULdiers, who fall in love with the world of movement through health & fitness.



"I have trained with Jason twice a week for the last 11 years. Not only does he know what and how to do things, his sessions are always different, every single time. He quickly makes modifications in your workout as needed and has mastered a fine balance between pushing you and saving you from injury. Jason’s training style and genuine compassion for his clients makes it easy for me to strongly recommend Jason as your personal trainer."

- Sandra Dean Shriner, MD